Bounced out this morning like a liquid burp!

Tomorrow beat in my head
Like a wren flown in the open door of a cabin
Perches, huffing, then flies once more
To be knocked sill
By the pane of a window
Which showed such promise of escape
Beat like the constant pulse of blood beats
Always there yet unnoticed
Until elevated, or to a resting head
With ear reposed on a pillow
It bums, heard loudly.
And now the shutters on the pane of promise
Have cranked the volume down
As piles of shredded briefs,
Drafted imperfectly, are heaved
Into a dumpster of today
Promising only a recycling to pulp
For revisions surely needed
In the tomorrow who’s imperfection
Is determined by that churning resupply.

© J. Risdon 111709


4 responses to “Bounced out this morning like a liquid burp!

  1. I think this is poetry.

    • May BE…but who are WE to say?
      You know POE-try, it seems to BE that way!
      I never GOT the defi-NI-tion,
      never knew what WAS.
      Just HAVE myself a little FUN
      since I’m de-NIED a BUZZ!

  2. be-we-poe-be=got-ni-was-have-fun-nied-buzz

    now THAT’S poetry.

    keep the shit flyin’, riz,
    sure sound fine to me.
    and you have my permission to buzz all you want.

  3. i like this. more. more. encore!

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