A Midwinter Night’s Dream

The quad just wouldn’t go so fast, the churchman chased me down

And dragged me in a fishing boat, coerced me into town

Paraded me on up the aisle, commanded me to draw

While all the parish fidgeted, my chains chafing me raw

The silkscreen image, in resist, of liberty was flecked

While eyeballs of the congregation drilled into my neck

My offering was old style no acoustic guitar strummed

And women knew their place was pewed, not altared with the son

But then I knew that I could turn, and did, to find they’d gone

And dust was all that that stayed behind in little piles of wrong

And snaggled wire fencing wrapped the children of the gun

While grounded kids were banished to their rooms when e’er they hummed

And passive parents knew their places saying what the heck

Instead of standing up, they hunched, and backwardly they trekked

Believing that another time would be better to draw

The sidearm of their independence from their choking craw

The belt cinched painfully across my hips, my neckline drowned

The clock’s red numbers laughed at my vain hope that it was dawn.

© J. Risdon – Jan. 21, 2010


One response to “A Midwinter Night’s Dream

  1. i like this a lot. you got some sch-wing going on.

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