We don’t eat meat

we don’t eat fat

we don’t use sugar

recycle our trash

we don’t drink booze

we don’t smoke butts

we don’t schmooze

or eat cold cuts

We are the laid-back people

we’ve been out west so long

our easy going ways are told

in truckstops, jokes and song

there’ve been some seminars about

the many ways we rise

above the crass and vulgar lot

who race the rat in hives

of concrete, steel and glass

out east and eat wrong

all their lives.

We don’t compete

much better than

you ever thought you’d see

we’re pros at it

you must get hip

and drop the tight disguise

let out your self

it’s there inside

you don’t quite realize

you’re quite alright

you’ll see the light

we’ll help you,

lend our eyes.

Copyright J. Risdon 1990


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