NC is A Very Smart and Articulate Person…

…despite what I envision the predominant reaction of those exposed to a video capturing his speech might be.

8 mins n 18 sec !?! RU D leeeeery US

IM faaaaaaar2bz2 waste my tm on some1 my Pastor seziz a minion o Satan! …

I believe that this topic is what Frank Zappa might call “The crux of the biscuit.” Keeping matches out of an arsonist’s hands is a better course of action than staying alert to extinguish the fires that arsonist might start.  There are times when incisive comprehension and an unwillingness to waste one’s efforts on mitigating the effects of the central problem are required.  I tell myself to, instead, focus my effort on considering the possibility that there may be more basic, efficient and effective courses of action.  Then, putting my efforts into solving the central problem is the proper focus to be maintained.

Corporate fictions have become a very real absurdity.  The idea of fostering natural development of individual enterprise by limiting what a person could lose through failure of his business (to only that which they had invested) allowed business activity between entrepreneurs without the fear that one’s kids’d be destitute if the commercial venture failed.  Otherwise, what sane person would risk everything through a commercial venture’s possible failure.

There have, however, been unintended consequences that have resulted from this realistic desire to foster commerce.  Basic changes need to be made to the Law of Corporations to deal with these consequences.  Our economic system has come to resemble corporate feudalism, with the generation of profit being “The Feudal Lord” to which all must bow.

The little I know of Corporate law shows its creation to have come about through a process of votes on pivotal issues, not all of which were passed by overwhelming majorities.  At the time these issues (which shape our current economic state) were voted upon, corporations didn’t exist.  It was improbable that, at that time, legislators could see the logical extension of their good faith efforts to pass laws enabling Americans to better their condition through honest enterprise.  At that time, anyone’s comments describing a modern, international mega-corporation would, I imagine, have been met with scorn and ridicule.

An examination of the early development of Corporate Law needs to be made by those who are in a position to effect the adjustments needed to free the people of the world from the tyranny of these legally created enterprises.  We must be protected from our own greed, corporations being, after all, groups of people who are “in it…” (owning shares of corporations) “…for the money.”

I believe that there was once a close vote on a central provision of Corporate Law which enabled the purpose of the law to change from protection of the small businessperson from losing everything, to freeing large accumulations of money to exert power promoting profit above all else, collateral damage be damned.

Why not shift our effort to lopping the branch that’s diseased instead of snipping at the periphery with tiny shears.



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