Out of the Closet!

As consideration for the example offered by the leadership of the Republican Party, I feel compelled to “come clean.”  I feel that the time is right to accept responsibility and be accountable for my own duplicity in presenting a sheepish facade while living my life as a predatory wolf.

Might, guile and coldly effective decisiveness have always proven to be the determining factors in terrestrial survival.  Those who survive get the chance to reproduce, passing their traits forward into the future world.  During periods of plenty, there exists the opportunity to pretend that altruism is a desirable course of action.  During times of famine, the nice abstractions quickly lose their currency.  It is then that the underlying wolfishness reemerges, unencumbered by the niceities of social conscience.  May the Devil take the hindmost!  What’s good for me is good for the species.  If I survive then the species will be stronger for it.  I have a choice; either fight the good fight for survival by the natural laws that have ruled existence from the beginning of time, or pine away wishing that God’s will were enforced on earth, as it is in heaven.  Given the choice between meat and butcher, I decided to be the butcher.

Charity has been held out to us as the proper ideal toward which we all must strive.  This stance is tolerable until “push comes to shove.”  With so much shoving going on, self interest naturally emerges as the actuality, the proper basis for earthly endeavor.

I’ve observed, with barely concealable glee, as the realists have taken control of our government and run it into the ground just to prove that government is a bad thing.  They are heroes!  Social conscience is an aberration!  Blasting the scales from the eyes of the “great unwashed” is a truly heroic act.  Showing that keeping the weak alive to reproduce weakens the species is an important step toward the day when the poor understand that they have a duty to humanity.  That duty is to die so that their weak genetics cannot be passed on.

I may seem to be poor, bankrupt and nearly penniless.  I’ve presented that facade to the public view in keeping with the prevailing style of our time, to lull my competitors into the false security that benefits my machinations.

When I understood, long ago, that return on investment was a function of the chosen enterprise’s clarity of vision concerning the way that the world really works, my net worth grew.

Being able to extrapolate is helpful.  Visualizing the natural result of an occurrence enables one to profit from that event.  When AIDS changed the game for sexy people, I invested in condom manufacturers.  When I saw that money can be best made by selling necessities to the consumers, my net worth started to soar.  It’s not helpful to think of your market as being comprised of human beings, people or individuals.  Being dispassionate is a better mind-set when attempting to reap the rewards offered by the capitalist system.

It is important that corporations be able to make certain costs of doing business into intangibles.  If all of the costs associated with the production of a saleable product were included as “costs,” then no product’s benefits could be enjoyed.  The price would be too high for the product to be able to be sold.  Therefore, a government which seeks to prevent these costs from being removed from the balance sheet is an impediment to the improvement of the species.

We must not allow bureaucrats (making work to justify their existence) create toxic byproducts.  If it weren’t for them declaring the existence of such things, those things wouldn’t exist at all.

I have a dream:  That the greatest commercial opportunity in history is about to be realized.  Seeing that peoples’ need for potable water is a reliable constant, I have invested in personal water purification systems as well… Little, pocket-sized filters which effectively remove contaminants, organic and chemical, from water, making it potable.  I can’t wait for the world’s water to be polluted uniformly!  Then consumers’ll have the choice of buying my filter or going bye-die.  I’ve followed the same logic in my investment strategy concerning consumers’ need for breathable air.  The personal filters will be stylish and available in a wide range of designer colors to coordinate with any sartorial scheme.  It goes without say (but I’ll say it anyway) that the activities which further the deterioration of clean water and air are ones in which I have a vested interest.  My shares in polluting enterprises represent progress toward the day when I can be assured that every living consumer will need to buy purifiers and directly enrich me.

Our Democratic President has continued a long tradition of campaigning on a promise to change the rules, while, in practice, boldly continuing those policies instituted by the party of commerce, (which will show government to be the evil impediment to the corporate profit that propels the progress toward further human greatness.)

Politicians have martyred themselves.  They have bravely worked to show that they are greed-driven liars.  It has been important for Americans to be shown this.  Now there may be less resistance to the benevolent assumption of the wise and able rich, who, by their wealth prove their worthiness to direct society.  Since they are rich, they are, obviously, the most able.  Let the captains of industry directly control us without the interference of pesky government meddlers.  Business wants an end to anything that impedes it’s progress toward a world governed by a plan patterned on the simple laws of nature.  It is time to remove all strictures on human progress.  It is crucial that we accomplish the removal of government agencies.  These governmental entities harass and hamstring commerce’s noble efforts to progress toward a world in which the able are free to dominate the weak  for the betterment of all.  The benefits will inure, especially, to the weak, who will be free, at last, to pass from this realm of existence in which they are doomed, by their subservience, to subservience.


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