How can I be motivated
to do anything?
Having fun’s not legal.
Work’s the only right thing.
(For someone else,
investors’ profit.)
Working only for one’s own
doesn’t count,
leads either to failure
or success and, if that,
crushing by aggregations of money’s power
which will envy, then
absorb that profit.
Call me a cynic, I don’t care.
Say I’m a cop-out, I don’t care!
We’re paying taxes unless we’re dead
and if your motivation’s valid
then it works, but you’re a slave,
a fool, or blind or stupid
(or a profiteer.)

Fuck you all and prosper.
Live long and see the Earth die.
Watch your children choke on poison
while they slave their lives away.

But hope they see what stuff
this world is really of.
Hope they can calmly wait for death
as if graduation day.
(Copyright: James T. Risdon 4/29/92)


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