Fighting the tide is no…where!
Laws’ll not be changed.
Interests that profit from exploitation
have too much money for hiring
talented realists, at hefty salaries,
to energize more exploitation,
to buy air-time on TV,
promote a carefully worded agenda,
using every debating trick,
and telling big lies often enough.

Don’t down me if my life’s
not spent pushing a broom
against the waves.
Life’s never been supposed to be fair.
The lesson seems that this could be
an Eden-like and wondrous life
yet only tempts you to be hurt,
and disillusioned, if you doubt
that this world isn’t ruled by clout;
a way-station to pie in the sky.

The rise of ghost dancers in our time
will be reviled and feared no less
than were those of Wavoca’s time,
frozen in the splattered snow
of Wounded Knee.

And those who feel this is our lot,
(and that no other will be got)
in desperation might expend
their lives in strife, and
down their noses
might view those
who dance like ghosts
but don’t impose their imagination,
their views or tactics on this nation,
not caring they might be destroyed
by acts of those who fear the void.
Ta’ Vibo!

© J. Risdon 19941121


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