Brattus Americanus

You don’t wanna “get it” so you snug down into your dream.
Still the world comes a knockin’ and reality can make it seem
like there’s something more, which refuses to obey your schemes.
When you were a child, you were trained and they trained you good.
If you screamed long enough, your desire eventually would
be surrendered to you lazily instead of getting’ wood…

“Slapped upside your head” like a savvy parent should
“Slapped upside your head” like a colder parent could
“Slapped upside your head” like a wiser parent would

So you carried on your tactic and were pleased that many people caved
instead of seeing your coercion as a thing that’s making you depraved.
Standing up to your devices with some patience prob’ly would have saved
you from the reputation that you earned through such constant work
Promoting your agenda’s if some god’d made your selfish smirk
The indicia of genius and not just of a pushy jerk.
Yet your willingness to nuke a situation so’s to rule the scene
Made your whispered legacy a horror underneath a courteous sheen
and you find yourself alone instead of someone people like to’ve seen.
It comes out of your laziness, you’re tired of the daily grind,
The way each situation’s novel, if you see it with an open mind
as it paints a growing portrait of your days that you will leave behind.
You prefer things to be regular, predictable and cut to size.
Reality, predictable, you fear unplanned surprise.
But it’s gotta happen someday and it’s aiming right between your eyes.

© J. Risdon 20110731


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