Earth Day

Those assholes in the capitol suck
don’t care a bit if we all starve
we caught fish
we trapped beavers
we mined ore
we cut trees
we dammed rivers
worked damned hard, sir,
now they say that if we keep on
that there won’t be any left
that some eco-system’s trying
to come back from the cliff
well I quit school in the sixth grade
like my good ol’ daddy did
started working in the mill
and bought a pick-up with a lid
drank beers with my money Fridays
with the other working joes,
married Sandy, dug Boss Cougar
on the juke box singing those
songs about us real guys
not the commie college crowd
Now they say to save what’s left
we’ve gotta turn our ways around,
fuck that, its people that amount
to more than any porpoise, owl
or tree, Hey America,
fuck the earth
I’ve got kids’ mouths to feed
Copyright: J. Risdon 2012


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