Patrolling the Poop Deck

That I read and watch fiction
as a pleasant pastime
bothers me. It’s escapism.
I COULD write all the time,
everything in life can be interesting.
Me thinking about
“Finish one thing B4U start another”
and how it’s natural 4 there 2B
numerous projects, concurrently
@ various stages of development.
The solitude here’s an opportunity
to use the lack of distraction
as an asset 2B Xploited…
Then I remembered my mug OT
and, turning, notice
a strand of spider-web
crossing the mug’s mouth.
A metaphor 4 my theme.
I laugh and brush the web away
with my nose as I sip.
This veranda D deck of a ship
to contain my habitual pacing
as I see signs of design
on every wave.

© J. Risdon


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