Hummingbird Hi-Jinks

I’m smiling; (thankful to God for the life I’m privileged to be [evidently] living.) I’m enjoying a stereotypical Oregon afternoon, steady light rain and 53 degrees, with no wind. Reading on the (covered) deck, enjoying myself, talking to friends on the phone, I eventually felt the need 2P.


As I arced a stream out (from under the sheltered spot upon which I stand, under the eaves,) a hummingbird (Black-chinned Hummingbird: Archilochus alexandri) flew between my legs and the stream, then darted up to hover three feet from my face before continuing along it’s way. I said “Hey, buddy!” instinctively. Other beings deserve, I feel, the benefit of the doubt; who knows? If I talk to them and they don’t understand, then there’s nothing lost (except my cheap breath.) If they do, then there’s fodder for long periods of meditation!

© J. Risdon  20140308:1618


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